German lessons and job application training with Your Language Coach

About me

My name is Valérie Janssen and  I am the founder of YOUR LANGUAGE COACH. I studied English and French to teach at secondary schools and German as a foreign language with minors in linguistics, literature and culture (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich).

I travelled a lot and in the course of my studies and internships I temporarily lived in Canada, France and Southeast Asia. My passion for languages and foreign cultures has been reinforced, and thanks to theoretical and practical knowledge, I have developed excellent cross-cultural skills. I have turned my passion into my profession and work in my hometown, Munich, Germany. Today I offer German language courses (all levels A1-C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEF) and professional application coaching in German. I competently prepare and tutor non-native speakers at this crucial stage of their career. Furthermore I offer various language and proofreading services as well as communication support.

Your Language Coach

Your partner for individual, flexible and customized German lessons and professional job application coaching

The day-to-day work with people from foreign countries with different languages, cultural backgrounds and experiences make my everyday life an exciting and continuous journey of discovery. A true and genuine interest in every individual learner and in his or her success is my key to the lasting optimal cooperation and harmony between learner and coach.

I am convinced that this is the basis for a very quick learning progress. Maximum language success can only be achieved when both sides are highly motivated and learners are optimally supported and inspired as well as professionally guided. Find out for yourself!

For more information and prices, please contact me via e-mail:


Valérie understood my needs on the spot and was extremely professional. The One-to-One Coaching is really unique. It was a lot of fun to learn German with Valérie and I can only highly recommend her as your personal Language Coach.

RemcoMarketing Manager

The language coaching with Valérie allowed me to learn German very quickly and to get to know and understand the German culture. Thanks to the job application training I succeeded to get my current job as mechanical engineer in Munich. An excellent and customized training experience!


Thanks to Valérie I was able in only 6 months to successfully learn German and get my B2 certificate. The training was a lot of fun and got me really motivated. The fact that she is fluent in French and English was a big plus to me. I am very thankful for the super Coaching!


In the context of French market research projects, we regularly work with Valérie. She takes over the entire French-speaking communication, the scheduling and realisation of our interviews. Her work is extremely reliable, fast and very professional. We can really highly recommend her!

Facit Digital GmbHmarket research institute

Competence, professionalism and flexibility – exactly what I needed in order to pass the Goethe C1 certificate  for my graduation. With Valérie I was able to continue my lessons via Skype if needed and thereby I saved a lot of time. I never thought that I could achieve my aim having so much fun and at the same time proceeding so fast and efficiently!


Valérie is like a Personal Trainer. Her course was absolutely customized to my individual needs and I got exactly what was promised. It was a lot of fun and incredibly effective! I can really only recommend Valérie Janssen as Your Language Coach!


Valérie’s dedication and passion shined as she perfectly mastered introducing the German language to a group of our foreign colleagues. Thank you so much for the great dedication! We gladly, and without any reservations, would recommend working with Your Language Coach!

Sportradar GmbH


  • Professional

    Customized course programs

  • Personal

    Your competent partner for language lessons and job application training

  • Efficient

    1-on-1 coaching is quick and efficient

1-on-1 coaching
Small group courses
Specific certificate training
Language courses within companies
Job Shadowing
Job application training
Job orientation training
Language consultancy and support
Com support for corporate customers
Editing/ proofreading texts
Corporate experience: Intl. Sales

Private customers

Individual support

You are looking for a flexible German course that perfectly meets your personal needs and wishes? A course that is based on your individual learning rhythm and dynamics? Contact me today!

No matter what level you are at with your language skills – I will always develop a customized course program to help you achieve your goal. You can chose between 1-on-1 coaching, group lessons, traditional face-to-face teaching or Skype video-conferencing. Start working on improving your language skills today and feel confident about your German. Your life will change! New opportunities will come and you will broaden your horizons. I look forward to being a part of your success!

If your goal is a language certificate (e.g. Goethe, ÖSD) you can benefit from a very goal-oriented and strategic exam preparation. So far all participants succeeded with a certificate resulat of at least 80%.

Corporate customers

Professional and efficient courses

You are in a leadership position and want to improve your German language skills? Or your staff should learn and/ or improve their German in a goal-oriented way at work? Your employees should be as time-efficient, targeted and effective as possible and should not lose time due to travelling to an institute? Then contact Your Language Coach!

I will come to your company and offer your staff an individual and perfectly custom-tailored program. If your staff frequently travels on business then the course can also be continued via videoconference. Your goals and needs will be defined in a preliminary meeting. The fastest way to a maximum learning progress is 1-on-1 coaching but of course I also offer top quality group lessons.

Furthermore, I offer the so-called job shadowing and phone call training. For this purpose I accompany you to meetings and / or conference calls to identify in a training-on-the-job your main linguistic development fields. Based on that I am able to offer a highly tailored and business-oriented language coaching. You will be amazed by the increase of your power of persuasion thanks to your communication skills in German.

Job application training

Professional and efficient

You want to work in Germany and realize your professional potential but the path to your desired career seems cumbersome? You would like to submit the perfect application and present yourself in a job interview in a professional, confident and convincing manner? You would like to have support but are not sure who to ask? Then you are at the right place with Your Language Coach! I will guide you through the application process, help you prepare important documents (CV and cover letter) and train you for interviews. I will coach you on how to better present your talents and to maximize your chances for a desired position.

The focus will be on your CV, your cover letter and on practicing frequently asked questions in job interviews. You will gain confidence and be able to act spontaneously during the job interview.

You will also find support and inspiration on your way to finding new career tracks through an intensive exchange of ideas, the identification of your strengths and professional and motivating input.  Regularly there are German native speakers as well who make use of the  job orientation training and/ or the job application training.

Language Services

Reliable and accurate

Your Language Coach is your partner for various language services regarding your (business) projects in English or French. I take care of the foreign-language communication with your customers/ -partners/ -test persons etc. For example for a German market research institute, I was in charge of projects in France and managed the entire communications as well as the organization of interviews with the French participants. Furthermore, I can join you for meetings/ appointments/ trade fares etc. and support you in the foreign-language communication. I also offer editing/ -proofreading of texts.

In 2017, as part of my offer communication support, I joined the food start-up Planet Plant Based ( as Sales and German communications consultant.

For more information and prices, please contact me via e-mail:


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